Tonight at E3, Bungie had its own little party to showcase Halo: Reach; As if you haven't had your eyes glued to it anyways! Major Nelson was there and reported on his Twitter (twitter.com/majornelson)... saying the following:

Major Nelson's Tweet on the New Mode:
At a Halo Reach event playing Firefight 2.0. It's a worthy upgrade.

YES! Firefight will be returning to Halo: Reach, but it is not going to be called 2.0 Bungie reported. A couple hours later Major Nelson reported ANOTHER awesome fact about the new Firefight in Halo: Reach.

Major Nelson's Tweet about the New Firefight Mode:
Yup the new Halo Reach Firefight had matchmaking. #cantwaitforSept14

Remember how hard it was having 4 of your friends on at one time trying to get a game of Halo: ODST Firefight going? Well with the new Firefight Matchmaking, Halo: Reach continues to build on the excitement! Game on.

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