Episode 1: The March to 60,000


Welcome to the first episode of what should become a regular feature here at Xbox Resource (depending on reception) known as One Man and His Gamerscore. In this feature I will detail my journey to improve my Gamerscore and hopefully one day move towards the top of the tables. I will be detailing each game that I play discussing how easy or hard the achievements are to get. I hope this will serve others who read this by allowing them to either follow what I'm doing and improve their own Gamerscore in the same way or by showing them what are the best games for improving Gamerscore.

If you wish to follow my progress you can do so here and at the following websites;

xboxresource.com/viewurl.php... ... Rising.htm

xboxresource.com/viewurl.php... ... e%20Rising

In this first episode my aim will be to improve my Gamerscore from its current total of 42,224 to 60,000, no easy task but doable. So without beating round the bush anymore lets get this show on the road.

June 9th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 42,074

Today I started with Blur a favourite in my books. I managed to collect 10 achievements for 150 Gamerscore in just an hour while playing the single player. The easiest one being;

Socializer (10)
Share your first Blur experience on Facebook, Twitter or Xbox LIVE

Quick easy takes 5 seconds of your time but weirdly easy to miss if you don?t know about it. Basically just play through the story and these will unlock. The achievements in Blur are relatively easy even the online ones are with some practise and grinding also stick the single player on easy and watch the Gamerscore mount up.

New Gamerscore: 42,224

June 10th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 42,224

Only managed the one achievement today again in Blur and another easy one for playing the single player.

Thorny issue (20)
Beat Natalya in her One-on-One

New Gamerscore: 42,244

June 11th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 42,244

Today is the day I decided to get Lost: Via Domus, I know it's a low move but I needed a big boost to forge ahead. I managed to get all 30 achievements in around 5 hours and not even one of them was difficult, just make sure you have a good guide handy and it will be a breeze to 1000 Gamerscore I also started playing Alpha Protocol and picked up the first achievement in that.

Basic Training (50)
Complete the Training Mission.

New Gamerscore: 43,294

June 12th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 43,294

Well after that great boost yesterday I decided to take things a bit slower today and actually play a game I enjoyed so I quick launched Wallace and Gromit Episode 1 and 2. I must say I love these games and with a good guide you can get all 200 in each in around an hour. However as I like Wallace and Gromit I decided to enjoy the games for what they are. Anyway I got 8 achievements across the 2 games totalling 130 Gamerscore and as a result finished off the full 200 on Episode 1.

New Gamerscore: 43,424

June 13th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 43, 424

Today I carried on playing some more Wallace and Gromit finishing off Episode 2 for the full 200 and then put Alpha Protocol into the tray to have another bash at it, AP is a good game for some easy Gamerscore it's a really enjoyable game like Mass Effect 2 with spies and you can get around 500 Gamerscore just playing the campaign on easy. I managed to get 8 achievements for 185 Gamerscore.

Alpha Protocol (75)
Complete Operation Desert Spear.

New Gamerscore: 43,609

June 14th 2010 - Current Gamerscore: 43,609

A really slow day today but I got myself a nice milestone I have officially unlocked over 2000 achievements on Xbox Live! YAY GO ME! Just the one achievement today sadly again in Alpha Protocol for a soul crushing 10 GS.

Social Butterfly (10)
Gain Liked reputation status of 3 people (who must all Like you at the same time).

New Gamerscore: 43,619

Well we have reached the end of the first part of Episode 1 and I have managed to improve my Gamerscore 1545. Meaning I have achieved around 8% of my target Gamerscore, I've played mainly good fun game up to know with the exception of Lost which unless you are going for the Gamerscore I recommend you avoid.

Anyway until next time.

9 years ago
I'm sorry but I'm not really into men's crotch nor how large they have it (their gamerscore of course).

Good luck anyway.
hmm good idea i guess, getting to 60000 should be easy enough maybe a few weeks/months work but doable. i remember in january i was sittin at around 40something k now im on 60000 something so yer.

Anyway im sure you have the whole team here at XR to support you on this.