Its confirmed today at the start of the 2nd day of this years E3, Goldeneye the classic from the N64 will be back and will be remade and re-imagined with updated graphics and gameplay but still the old classic Goldeneye game you all used to know and love.

But here's the catch the new version of Goldeneye will be launching exclusivity for the Wii which means any type of format for Goldeneye now launching on the 360 now or in the near future as been blown out of the water.

Sorry guys just how it goes i guess

9 years ago
I was like what the... when I saw that at kotaku...

I recall rare saying it was up to 007 gaming license owners wether to revamp the classic or not.

Anyway, perfect dark hd rocked and it was 800 points so I'm fine with that.
............Wrong site?

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