Today at the E3 EA press conference, the guys behind Medal of Honor showed off the first multi-player video of the game. They also had a huge live presentation of the multi-player showing off the glorious graphics, sounds, and gameplay. To get more information on the demo shown, click the following link - gameinformer.com/b/news/archiv... ... at-e3.aspx.

They went on to announce that Medal of Honor will be released on October 12 2010.

After they announced that, and after all the live gameplay showings, they went on to release one more big information. They came out and said that Medal of Honor will have a Beta going on June 21st for Xbox Live, PSN, and PC. Head over to the Medal of Honor website to sign up for the beta. To get into the demo EVEN EARLIER than the 21st you have to be a Battlefield Bad Company 2 VIP, and you have to pre-ordered Medal of Honor. This will get you in to playing on the 17th!

The Medal of Honor multiplayer beta features two modes set across two maps inspired by real world locations: Helmand Valley and Kabul City Ruins. In Team Assault mode, players must rely on their raw skill and map knowledge to stay alive in intense and close quarter combat. In Combat Mission, a tactical and team-based mode, gamers fight through a series of objectives revealed through an engaging narrative. Both modes pit two teams of 12 players (total 24 players) against one another with realistic destruction, tactical support actions, and a weapon customization system with modifications that generate hundreds of combinations.

This is big news from a game hoping to steal some thunder from Activision and the Call of Duty franchise! Enjoy :)!

10 years ago
I've always been a MOH fan rather than a COD one, and I'm looking forward this but I'nda bored of modern warfare (in general terms not refering to COD) as it's been abused since counter strike to it's algid point wich was COD4 so I'm still on the fence.

Beta would be great news if it just required VIP pass... doesn't make sense to me having to buy a game to try its early demo.