So after a few different leaked screenshots of game box art showing what seems to be a new Xbox top bar above the game art, and rumours of a new Xbox slim.

Microsoft today confirmed with all of the E3 displays and video montages going on that the 360 will indeed be getting a bit of a facelift and to go with this there will be a new dashboard as well.

Now before anybody starts going well thats absurd the NXE as only been out just over a year, let me explain.

It wont be an entirely new dashboard but one that as been Re-imagined if you will. The dashboard will be fully operational with Kinect as offer the user to navigate the dashboard by saying Key Words like Facebook or Zune to go to those areas.

If the user says Xbox then you will get a menu appear that as all of the things you can choose from to use with Kinect.

Microsoft have also used the term If you can see it, You can say it meaning that whatever appears on the screen you can say.

Another cool feature from what was shown on the demo is that if your watching a movie, you can tell your Xbox to pause the film by saying Xbox Pause and if you want to play it again by saying Xbox Play.

The same goes for if you want to stop the video then all you would say is Xbox Stop, along with these cool features is that you can use your hands to travel fast forward or rewind within a film.

So far only a few of the new dashboard and Kinect features have been shown but I hope more will surface over the next few days

10 years ago
I liked what I've seen so far from E3.

And now seems that kinect related products are branded with purple color like orange was for live features.

Now, how will this affect to users that won't jump in the kinect bandwagon? I'm expecting official words on that.

I don't like to be picky but I think you mispelled absurd (obsurd).