So with yet another shock announcement and a done signed deal. Microsoft today have revealed there partnership with ESPN to bring over 3,500 sporting events to ALL Xbox 360 users.

Yes I did just say EVERYBODY will be entitled to this as long as they have a Xbox Live Gold Subscription.

I'm guessing though that each region of the world will get there own independent version of ESPN like us in England get ESPN UK.

Anyway the better thing is that this new service will cost an additional nothing to use and will be fully Kinect functional.

Meaning i can now watch UFC while pretending to beat two bells of crap out of my avatar.... Awesome!

10 years ago

As far as I know there is no ESPN channel in ESPaiN so i'm not sure if this will hit us all or just UK and US like last FM.

It'd be awesome if microsoft threated all of its customers the same as we all pay fees after all, instead of having different (less) features in different regions.

I hope this will be true :)
In the press confereance at E3 they confirmed that ESPN will be heading to all regions were ESPN is broadcast
10 years ago
I am super pumped about ESPN coming to Xbox 360! The demo they showed on stage was very cool, interacting with the games as you watch, picking who you think will win and awensering diffrent questions and seeing percentages with the rest of the Xbox Live world. Looks awesome!

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