While the next few weeks are sure to be dominated by announcements of all-new blockbusters, Microsoft is hoping you'll pay attention to older and smaller games, as 24 Xbox Live Arcade games will be put on sale this month.

During E3 week, the first five games will go on sale. All of them were part of last year's Summer of Arcade and will be available for reduced prices from June 14-20. Here's the list of games and their new prices:

Shadow Complex for $7 (normally $15)
Trials HD for $7 (normally $15)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 for $7 (normally $15)
Turtles in Time HD for $5 (normally $10)
Splosion Man for $5 (normally $10)

Two days after the first five games go on sale, an additional 19 games will have temporary price drops as part of Xbox's Inventory Blowout. The following titles will be on sale from June 16-22:

A Kingdom for Keflings for $5 (normally $10)
Alien Hominid HD for $5 (normally $10)
Banjo Tooie for $10 (normally $15)
Bionic Commando Rearmed for $5 (normally $10)
Bomberman LIVE for $5 (normally $10)
Braid for $10 (normally $15)
Castle Crashers for $10 (normally $15)
Castlevania Symphony of the Night for $5 (normally $10)
Contra for $3 (normally $5)
Crystal Defenders for $5 (normally $10)
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 for $5 (normally $10)
Magic the Gathering for $5 (normally $10)

N+ for $5 (normally $10)
Panzer General for $5 (normally $10)
Portal for $10 (normally $15)
TMNT: 1989 Arcade for $5 (normally $10)
Uno Rush for $5 (normally $10)
Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgement for $10 (normally $15)
Zombie Apocalypse for $5 (normally $10)

Guys, a lot of GREAT XBLA games getting their prices cut down these upcoming weeks. There are also other sweet XBL deals, and to check them out, head over to Major Nelson's website at majornelson.com...! Enjoy :)!

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