NCAA Football was the first EA Sports title with online dynasty play. It became a hit and a fun way to have your own league playing as your favorite team. The series is once again leading the way with some of its new online features designed to let you leave a permanent mark on the college football world in NCAA Football 11. ESPN's video game site(espn.go.com/espn/thelife/video... ... lstory&654) details two new features for online dynasties, an extensive suite of browser-based options to manage your online dynasty, and a new Dynasty Wire web service that lets you generate stories about your online league.

College football is all about the bragging rights, and NCAA 11 helps you create your own legend with its online Dynasty Wire feature. This seems almost like your own NCAA 11 blog because it lets you write stories of your team's exploits from a web browser and post them on a web page for all to see. You can also blast these stories out to your friends using many options like email, Twitter, or Facebook. The stories you create can be about anything last week's big win, a highlight reel of an exceptional player, or even provocative trash talking fodder about one of your rivals. Since you can add whatever headline and body text you want, as well as utilize five videos and five screenshots, the contents of the stories are all up to you. These new features are hoping to make you play NCAA 11 more and more.

This new feature of presentation doesn't mean you have to be an aspiring journalists. If you don't want to create any stories yourself or don't even have the time to, the game automatically throws up recaps of the games played that week or the big recruiting news, complete with screens and stats. These can also be edited at any time, so if you feel you have to explain why you threw three INTs in the last game, you can do so in the comments section. This is useful to you people who are busy 90% of your days, so that when you have that 10%, you can sit down and edit whatever you want.

NCAA Football 11 furthers the depth of your online dynasty by letting you take your recruiting online, including your phone. Yes, I did say YOUR PHONE! You can manage your board, complete your weekly recruiting tasks, and have all your dynasty info and activity thrown out using email. This is handy when you need that dynasty slow-poke to complete his game so the whole dynasty can advance. All this is presented and usable in a central dynasty hub, which is the same place where your dynasty stories are posted and created.

These new features added to NCAA Football 11 should completely change the way online social features in gaming are used. No more excuses after a loss with this ability to save highlights and plays and explain reasons behind what you did in-game. EA hopes to keep you more and more attatched to NCAA 11 with these features, so that the experience never gets old! Enjoy :)!

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