The wait for the release of Max Payne 3 is feeling more and more dragging. After being delayed once already, Take-Two has let slip that the game has moved out of fiscal 2010 (ir.take2games.com/releasedetai... ... eID=477523).

The announcement came in the form of a financial report that detailed Take-Two's second quarter earnings. While the ambiguous status of Max Payne 3 may be a bit disconcerting, Take-Two has plenty to be happy about: Red Dead Redemption has already sold 5 million copies and enjoys a 95 Metacritic rating, while GTA IV has sold over 17 million units worldwide.

The fiscal year actually ends October 31, so we could theoretically still see Max Payne 3 in time for the holiday season. The bad thing is no one has seen a lot of Max Payne 3, so do not hold your breath for 2010. Especially with games like Halo: Reach, Fable 3, and other big games dominating the market in '10.

All-in-all it seems like a good move. More time to work on the game, and to find a better date to release it on. Seems bad when we are in June and games are already being pushed back to 2011! Many fans of the game may be upset with two delays already, but with all this time you can bet Take Two is working hard to make it an exciting polished game!

Take Two's E3 line-up will be revealed once E3 starts most likely, so we will be able to see when Max Payne 3 will be released, and what other details Take Two has for Max Payne 3!

10 years ago
The only Max Payne game I have played was the first one. I really enjoyed it, but wasn't ever a huge fan. I would be more intrested in this game though if i have seen more for it. maybe this year at E3 we will.