Neversoft today announced their new Wireless Customizable Guitar with a few pictures an interesting short video. Want to thrash with a real Battle Axe? Well this might be your chance.

Going with a sleek and clean style with patterns cut out of the body and some lovely red coloured flame accentuation on the edges, the guitar can actually be modified to look more outrageous with custom parts that are stored in the guitar's neck. So things like removable wings can simply be switched in or out for a new look at any time, meaning you can tailor the guitar to fit your own rock style. The first guitar pictured is the uncustomised standard look.

Customers pre-ordering from GameStop.com will get the exclusive 'Battle Axe' guitar previewed in the second picture, which is a more sharp alternate design that has silver edges. Buttons on both designs have been reduced to what looks like a single stick, giving the guitars a much sleeker style.

It seems like the music games this year are making a second push again on getting that flare back that they had a few years ago. It seems that the peripherals this time around are getting quite the overhaul. I don't know how I feel about some of these crazy looking new guitars that are on their way to our living rooms, lets just hope they are well made and can stand up to a good thrashing.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is due out this Sept. on the 28th.
In the meantime how about taking a look at this short clip.
xboxresource.com/viewurl.php... ... r_embedded


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Uploaded with imageshack.us...

meh i think the guitars lok kinda tacky compared to the ones red octane created, but o wait activision went and closed red octane and shot themselves in the foot lol. Anyway looking forward to the next guitar hero just hope it gets a decent setlist

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