A new Contra game is on its way to Xbox Live Arcade with a brand new look. It is named Hard Corps: Uprising, the next-gen follow-up to Contra: Hard Corps for the Sega Genesis. It was described by Konami as a “homage to the legacy of Konami run-and-gun platformers.

It was announced and surprisingly slated for Winter 2010. It's being developed by Arc System Works, the devs behind BlazBlue and the Guilty Gear games. The new game has a new fresh anime style which looks great to the run-and-gun series of Contra. IGN had a preview to Hard Corps: Uprising which you can read by clicking this link ps3.ign.com/articles/109/10945...

It also should be noted that it is not only coming to XBLA but to PSN as well (That is why the link above is to IGN's PS3 link.), so all you Sony and Microsoft fans can be happy :)! It will most likely have a good preview of the game at E3 which is 9 days away. Happy gaming!

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