A tweet on Playstation's Twitter page on June 2nd started some very exciting rumors. The tweet simply said, Oh man: thief4.com/... (twitter.com/PlayStation/status... This tweet speculated a couple of things; with E3 right in front of us we would see Thief 4 shown, and that Thief 4 would come to Playstation 3.

Quickly after the tweet, a gaming site Connected Consoles (connectedconsoles.com/blog-No-... ... eus-Ex.cfm) has word from Eidos Montreal saying that it is totally dedicated to working on their upcoming title Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

So all-in-all Thief 4 will NOT be making an appearance at E3, but you can imagine it is on the horizon. This word also may confirm that Thief 4 will be on 360 and PS3.

10 years ago
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