Two attendees from the web site “The Gaming Liberty”, attended a behind closed doors first look at Microsoft’s Project Natal. After spending a short time with Natal their comments were all positive. They said that Natal contained no lag during their time with it, and that “It’s a powerful experience. Alex’s avatar was incredibly responsive and he was punching, kicking and kneeing red balls at every discernable angle with different distributions of weight with no lag or no delays.”

They also went on to say, ” Before playing Natal we had so many questions and after our 15 minutes and actually playing it, we have so many more questions. Natal is the real deal.”

What does this mean? We will have to wait and see at E3 to see what Project Natal brings! To see the rest of the reactions by The Gaming Liberty, click this link - gamesthirst.com/2010/06/02/n... ... al-no-lag/

10 years ago
I am really looking forward to seeing what they have to show for Project Natal at E3. I dont know how excited I am about it, but I am very intrested.