GameStop has launched a brand new rewards plan called PowerUp Rewards that offers up a wide array of deals and benefits for its members when you spend money in-store.

Standard membership is free and entitles you to earn points against every dollar you spend, and oddly rewards more for purchasing pre-owned games, accessories and consoles. You get ten points per dollar spent on new items whereas buying pre-owned or trading-in will net you twenty points.
The PowerUp card also gives you access to giveaways, exclusive news, offers and events as well as rewards as you amass points. With enough points on your card you can choose from a changing list of rewards that includes things like GameStop gift cards and merchandise, iTune Gift Cards, NetFlix and Xbox Live subscriptions, codes to unlock exclusive in-game content and more.

Pro membership costs $14.99 a year and gives you all of the above plus a 250 point bonus, a buy 2, get 1 free introductory offer on pre-owned games, 10%discounts on purchases, 10% credit on trade-ins and a year's subscription to Game Informer magazine.

It seems like a pretty worthwhile reward card to have and you get 500 points for signing up. Getting more points for pre-owned merchandise surely won't win GameStop any fans within the games industry however. If you go to GameStop however to get most of your games then this will be a perfect thing to get.

I could never get any use out of their other rewards card because I don't ever buy used games really. This however sounds like what I have been looking for.

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10 years ago
This sounds really good to me. I love Gamestop and never had any problems with them. I also dont trade my games in so I can't complain that they ripped me off.This new program will definitly get me shopping more there. The Game Informer magazine alone is worth the initiation fee.