Head on over to the link in the Source to see a brand new trailer for the upcoming game Call of Duty: Black Ops. Lets us know what you think in the forum.

Video Link - callofduty.com/blackops...

Also, visit the official CoD: Black Ops forum here - callofduty.com/board/...

Guest 10 years ago
Well, I think they are hyping this up way too much just like MW2 (e.i. the whole space scene). And it looks like Treyarch might also be following its story, the whole History and Liars thing. Might be interesting if this is canon to the MW games. But Treyarch has to do a lot harder than that to persuade me into buying this.
10 years ago
Wow, what an intense trailer. I hope we didn't just see everything it had to offer though. Looks like it will be another Call of Duty game thats for sure. Treyarch's WaW might be one of my most favorite Call of Duty games. This one seems to be heading more towards the MW style, but they are all fun to play either way. Im looking forward to it thats for sure.

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