ARTICLE TAKEN FROM ThatVideoGameBlog.com

Via the all-seeing eye of superannuation, Activision's future plans for the Call of Duty franchise were recently discovered. A number of domains were registered, for names such as Future Warfare, Advanced Warfare, Secret Warfare and Space Warfare. If proof is what you need to take these registrations seriously, then proof is what you'll get.

superannuation, again, is reporting that Activision has now also trademarked the names Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty Future Warfare, Call of Duty Secret Warfare, Call of Duty Space Warfare, Future Warfare, Secret Warfare, and Space Warfare. The publisher seems dead serious about keeping the franchise going despite the recent loss of Modern Warfare-attached employees at Infinity Ward to Respawn.

But seriously, 'Secret Warfare?' and 'Space Warfare?' How good can something going under those names actually get?


9 years ago
space warfare is just going to b a hyped up space invaders lol
none of these are names that will be used just yet you will find that they have been copyrighted for future use and so on and so forth. Take for example ghost recon went 1-3 then advanced warfighter and the soon to be future warfighter