Here's the Marketplace Schedule from the week beginning 22nd April 2010 - direct from majornelson.com/....

Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week
May 17: The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, 400 Microsoft Points

Xbox LIVE Games on Demand
May 11: Tom Clancy's EndWar

Xbox LIVE Arcade
May 5: Zeno Clash Ultimate Edition, 1200 points
May 5: RayStorm HD, 1200 Microsoft Points
May 12: Rocket Knight, 1200 points
June 2: Snoopy Flying Ace, 800 points

This Wednesday May 5th the next Game Room pack will be available which will includes: Super Breakout, Pitfall!, Megamania, Night Stalker, Rack 'Em Up, Realsports Volleyball and Basketball

Xbox Avatar Marketplace
May 6: FF XIII
May 6: Game Room
May 13: Army of Two
May 13: A World of Keflings

Xbox 360 Game Add-Ons
May 7: Lips Miley Cyrus Song Pack, 440 Microsoft Points each
May 11: Forza Motorsport 3: Exotic Car Pack 400 Microsoft Points
May 13: Super Street Fighter IV: Super Shoryuken Pack, 320 Microsoft Points
May 18: Dragon Age: Origins Darkspawn Chronicles, 400 Microsoft Points
Spring 2010: Magic: The Gathering ? Duels of the Planeswalkers Expansion Pack 2, 400 Microsoft Points

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