I'm pleased to say, this has to be the best DLC I've played in a long time, it shows Capcom actually listened.
Many of Resident evil 5 players were disappointed to see that it was a lot like Resident evil 4, action packed and no creepy “Oh god I have no ammo” moments. Many fans got upset and though Capcom were loosing it.
Well, this is Capcoms way of saying “Sod you, we can still do that” They pull the player back, everything from annoying puzzles, to slow opening doors.
You return to the mansion, it's now a lot weirder, and instead of having a saving area under the stairs there's a urinal. Due to the short game time there's little space for enemies, but when they're there they're certainly tough. You and your partner will have to team up to take on these pirates cross death, things. Which I do quite like, but the slow doors become annoying, the first game had no Co Op and as such you didn't need to wait for your partner to slowly push open a door so you could then do the same. But you forget about that when you meet Wesker, who is now more bad arse than ever.

As for the new mercenaries reunion it's pretty much the mercenaries that came with the game, same maps different people. And now you have to actually buy some of the characters, which is annoying.

But they're only charging 400 MSP, which is a brilliant price for this DLC

Final score: 7/10

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