Depending on how well you know me, you may know I 1. Suck at racing games. 2. Don't like many racing games, but like most people always enjoyed Mario Kart, well Sonic and Sega all stars racing is basically Mario kart but with Sega characters, and a lot bigger, and I mean a lot.
The game consists of 6 grand Prix' with 4 tracks on each. Which is already bigger than some Mario kart games, but then it also has 64 “missions” which is like mini games and such to build player skill, 6 Sega licenses, which encourage the player to keep going, 11 unlock able extra characters, 16 extra unlock able tracks, and 32 music pieces to also unlock.

Due to the game being aimed mostly at kids, the older generations and by older I mean anyone above 13, will feel a deep sense of loss, if they bought the game for the full £40 price tag, it's long and enjoyable but I can't see many people being too happy to throw £40 at it, though maybe that's just me and my angry tight fisted ways.

I was quite pleased with the racer choice, having everyone from Zobio and Zobiko to Mobo and Robo. Even the ChuChus are in it, I didn't see any sign of Bayonetta though, maybe we can expect some more DLC, probably not with Bayonetta, but still. I was disappointed to see that snail from Snail Maze wasn't in it, but you can't win them all, I mean Alex the Kidd was in it so that's what matters.

Finally voice acting, yes Sonic has a voice, yes, it's annoying, yes so are all the other characters voices, but it does make it a hell of a lot more fun knocking them off the edge of the track!

see a price drop soon. 7/10

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