Here's the Marketplace Schedule from the week beginning 22nd April 2010 - direct from majornelson.com....

Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week
April 26: The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, 400 points
April 29: BioShock 2 Game Add-on: Rapture Metro, 800 points

Xbox LIVE Games on Demand
April 27: Shrek the Third (All regions except Japan)
April 27: Far Cry (North America)
April 27: Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (North America)

Xbox LIVE Arcade
April 29: Tecmo Bowl, 800 points
April 28: Game Room: Super Breakout, Pitfall!, Megamania, Night Stalker, Rack 'Em Up, Realsports Volleyball, Basketball.

Xbox Avatar Marketplace
April 22: Saints Row 2
April 29: Diesel

Xbox 360 Game Add-Ons
April 22: Left 4 Dead 2 The Passing
April 28: Mega Man 10 Game Add-ons: Endless Attack mode, Special Stage 2 and Special Stage 3, 80 points each.
April 29: Just Cause 2 Game Add-on: Black Market Aerial Pack, 160 points
May 3: Zombie Apocalypse, 400 points

10 years ago
I cant wait for more Game Room games! Pitfall! will be good and Super Breakout. I really enjoy Game Room, so im excited for them to start releasing new games.
im now interested in a few of the game room titles but as i think game room is a piece of turd i will probably use my second nature and say na-ha to them.

as for the deal of the week im eyeing up the dishwasher and the left 4 dead content will be good aswell as long as its not as short and cheap as the dlc for the first game
10 years ago
Dishwasher dead samuray is well worth 800 points so for 400 it's a steal. I already own it and believe me, this is what action 3D action games try to reach but ultimately fail (Devil May Cry 4 Anyone?)

Same goes for zombie apocalypse; it's a steal at 400 points.

Besides, I'm looking for what else will see its price dropped, hopefully something I don't have already :/

I'm also curious about new XBLA games for next month. Zeno Clash ? Sonic 4 ? Doom II ? Looks like joy ride will wait till summer along with risk, hydrohurricane thunder, hydrophobia, breach, tango down, monday night combat...
10 years ago
there's a new schedule up folks

trueachievements.com/n1292/m... ... g-soon.htm :O