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About Xbox Resource

What is Xbox Resource?
Xbox Resource is a community driven website that is devoted to anything and everything Xbox LIVE related.

We aim to provide as many useful and fun features as we can in order for you to get the most out of your Xbox LIVE Gaming
Including News and Reviews, Image Galleries, Let's Play's and Trailers, Gamercards, Avatar Clothing and Accessory Information, Profile Tracking and Leaderboards, Forums, Competitions and much more!


Putting Faces to the Names
Who is x2i?
x2i, A.K.A Dan Wheeler, is the Founder, Administrator and Main Developer of Xbox Resource.

Dan is responsible for coding and designing Xbox Resource, he is also responsible for the everyday running of the site and shares the same responsibilities as the rest of the staff members (for now).

If you're wondering what x2i stands for - it stands for eXist 2 Inspire - inspired by the Wrestler Jeff Hardy whom he was a fan of in his younger years.

Who is DJ TapouT?
DJ TapouT, A.K.A Luke Bryant, is the Public Relations Manager for Xbox Resource and x2i's Right Hand Man in running the site.

Luke's role aside from the everyday running of the site alongside x2i, is to liaise with outside companies in terms of promoting, obtaining assets for the latest games as well as potential review oppurtunities and competition giveaways.

How did Xbox Resource start?
It's a long story, are you sure you want to read it? Tell Me!

What is with the long periods of inactivity?
Whether you believe it or not the staff here have lives outside of Xbox Resource and these have sometimes conflicted with the ability to work on the site. Everything from relationships ending and new ones forming, the fact that we have day jobs as well, to just pure lack of motivation at some points in our lives. However the site has prevailed throughout and hence we are back and better than ever!

If you have any other questions you'd like answering about us or the site - please drop us an e-mail at DanWheeler[at] or LukeBryant[at]