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Destiny - Weekly Reset for the 1st of September
What's in store this week Guardians!

Just two weeks away from the THE TAKEN KING Expansion, Destiny servers have been reset for the 1st of September.
Alongside your Raid and Marks cap resets, this is what's new in this week...

Review The Bridge Review
Building bridges just to knock them down

MC Esher became a phenomenon by creating artwork that looked like mind bending puzzles but all at the same time had an easy explanation...

This Week's Deals With Gold 25/08/15
Indies Galore!

Posting this a little later then normal, but this weeks deals with gold are currently live and their is a whole slew of titles up for grabs at a discounted price on the Xbox One, however on the Xbox 360 things appear to be a little barren but their is Life Is Strange which is reduced which is a nice little incentive to boot up the console again...

Fifa 16 Demo Incoming
And you get to play it for two whole days!

EA Today announced that the long awaited demo for their upcoming football sim Fifa 16 will be hitting Xbox 360 and One on 8th September...

Win an Entire Island With Just Cause 3... Seriously
It has a catch... Obviously

So as the title says you can win an Island with Just Cause 3... yes a whole Island


Rack up as many Chaos Points as you can while you play...

Xbox Live Games with Gold for September 2015
More Free Games for Everyone!

September's Games with Gold games see's The Deer God available for free as well as Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition - from September 16th to October 15th...

Destiny - Weekly Reset for the 25th of August
What's in this week

Destiny servers have been reset for August 25th... Alongside your Raid and Marks cap resets, this is what's new in this week...

Review Bridge Constructor Review
As strong as the bridges you need to build?

Developer: Clockstone Studio Publisher: Clockstone Studio
Players: 1 Genre: Strategy/Sim
Launch Date: 21st August, 2015 Price: £7...