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New Earthfall trailer and game play videos released
Adele better get to work on her new song.

Holospark released a couple of videos on their upcoming first-person shooter, Earthfall. Now the game is only available via Steam and only with early access and therefore they released this trailer:

Human Fall flat gets a release date and a pre-order bonus
I'd fall for this deal.

Human fall flat has been in Steam early access testing for just about a year and Break games have just announced it for consoles...

Call of Duty: WW II Reveled
Jetpac's are a thing of the past. I mean future!

Call of Duty: WW II will be returning to the roots of the series and take a step back from the futuristic shooters they have been coming out with...

Injustice 2 leaked gameplay shows off new character
Looks like the joke was on them.

Leaked gameplay of Injustice 2 shows off the Joker. Not much is known at the moment except for he was going to be announced on April 28th...

Forza Horizon 3's Hot wheels expansion announced
Orange streets with loop de loops

Playground games, the minds behind the Forza Horizon games, announced the second expansion pack, the Hot Wheels pack, for their latest game...

Sonic forces gets a new trailer on a classic level: Green hill zone
Sonic the hedgehog! Do do do do do do

As all Sonic fans are aware the 2D sonic, Sonic Mania, is being released this year. On the other side on Sonic, the modern side, we have seen Sonic Forces mainly focus on the modern Sonic...

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite gets a release date and some characters revealed
Avenegers assemble! ....where is everyone?

The "4th" installment of the Marvel vs Capcom series finally got a release date today. It will release on September 19th for Xbox One...

Games with gold May 2017
A double dose of star wars for ya.

The four titles for games with gold have been announced seems like there's a pattern all of a sudden with star wars games getting the free treatment...