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DONTNOD have literally out of nowhere announced the release date for the first episode of Life Is Strange 2. The Announcement was made during a short twenty second trailer that just shows a backpack being stiched together to form the name Life Is Strange 2 quite simply. The above article image shows you the final look.

One thing to note from the logo is that it seems incredible darker compared to the first game which was filled with white and purple. So far we just get a bit of a dark and......
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Headup Games has announced that coming later on in the year, we can expect to see a retail bundle of the Bridge Constructor games hitting store shelves. The bundle which will be headlined by the much acclaimed third console installment simply titled Bridge Constructor Portal, will also be met with Bridge Constructor and Bridge Constructor Stunts also.

The retail bundle is expected to launch at a price point of $29.99 and is due to launch in the late summer period. Apart from that Headup......
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Microsoft have today announced that we are now at the time of the month where they give us a little over a weeks notice before they remove some more titles from the GamePass service.

Last month you may recall there was a staggering number of titles removed mostly all Xbox 360 titles, before a few more got added as well as a couple of extra additions during E3, but now we learn of another three titles that are being removed from the service at the end of the month. On the Xbox One side of the......
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Gun Media and Illfonic today have announced that their title Friday the 13th will no longer be receiving anymore content updates that were scheduled from within their roadmap they released shortly after the games release.

The reason for the news isn't that the team have decided to upsticks and move onto a different project altogether, instead it is more to do with legal matters that surround the franchise as a whole. Explaining over on the games fourm pages, Wes Keltner, co-creator of Friday......
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MercurySteam announces today that a new playable character is joining Raiders of the Broken Planet, the galaxy’s most renowned hunter Rak Mayura. This new Raider belongs to the Umbra Wardogs faction and is the last character to be released as part of Raiders of the Broken Planet´s third campaign, Hades Betrayal. Rak can be recruited by all players, irrespective of which campaign they own.
Rak Mayura’s is the most feared hunter in the galaxy. Single-handedly, he has hunted the deadliest......
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Koch Media today releases Lords of the Fallen - Complete Edition for PlayStation4 and Xbox One. The challenging Action RPG offers a rich and thrilling fighting system which combines multiple Weapons, Armour and skills all based on Speed, Force and afility.
The Complete Edition contains:
Ancient Labyrinth DLC
Demonic Weapon Pack DLC
Monk Decipher DLC
Lion Heart Pack DLC
The Foundation Boost DLC
The Arcane Boost DLC
Lords of the Fallen is takes place in the Worldly Realm was ruled......
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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, the Life is Strange 2 prequel announced during E3 2018, will be coming in a few days.  Dontnod Entertainment went ahead and revealed the release times for Captain Spirit, so you can know exactly when you can start playing.
The episode will launch simultaneously across all platforms globally, so you'll be able to get cracking downloading The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, and discover how 10 year old superhero-loving Chris's adventure tie in......
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Independent developer Fatshark today announced that the  million selling hit game Warhammer: Vermintide 2 will be available on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, on July 11th 2018.
“After the huge success with the release of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 on PC, we are happy and excited to bring the game to Xbox One.” says Martin Wahlund, CEO at Fatshark. “We can’t wait to stick it to the Skaven and Chaos on another platform.”

The Premium Edition......
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