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Halo Spartan Strike Now Available Worldwide
Time to suit up again
By DJ TapouT - 4 days ago     Halo: Spartan Strike 0     0 Retail
We promised to hit back and here we are and in what better way to strike but with Halo news.

For a title that was supposed to launch in fall 2014 only to be delayed to the many issues surrounding the Master Chief Collection. Today Microsoft has finally announced that Halo Spartan Strike is readily available to download on Windows Phone 8 and upwards, Windows 8, iPhone and Steam...Read More »
The Future Begins Now
Look what we have in store for you
By DJ TapouT - 5 days ago     Site News 1     1 Sub-Category

Xbox Resource has been away for a long time, time constraints among other issues made us close down for awhile, but like any trusty source, we left our resources open and available to use even though the news pool had long been dry...Read More »
Stallion83 awarded Lifetime Xbox Live Gold Membership
And a White Xbox One
By x2i - 1 year ago     Xbox Live Related 0     1 Sub-Category
Ray Cox is a man on a mission, more commonly known by his Xbox Live alias of Stallion83, he currently holds the highest Gamerscore... wait for it... in the world - Guiness World Record Approved!

But it doesn't stop there, his mission is to be the first person to hit a seven-digit Gamerscore of 1 million!

Microsoft were so impressed by Ray's gigantic gamerscore, which at the time of writing is a whopping 953,980 (Almost There!), that they invited him to the Xbox One Launch Event in Times Square to talk about his "achievement" with Xbox Live's Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) along with the presenter of Spike TV...Read More »
Get your Free Day One 2013 Avatar T-Shirt
In celebration of the Xbox One
By x2i - 1 year ago     Xbox Live Related 0     1 Sub-Category
Celebrate the Launch of the Xbox One with a free Day One 2013 T-Shirt for your Xbox Live Avatar.

You don't need to have an Xbox One Day One edition to get one, nor do you even need to own an Xbox One - you just have to be an Xbox Live Gold Member...Read More »
Download the Xbox One Smartglass Application Now
For Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android
By x2i - 1 year ago     Xbox One 0     1 Sub-Category
Just days ahead of the launch day for Xbox One, Microsoft has published the official Xbox One Smartglass Application,

Xbox One SmartGlass is the perfect companion app for your Xbox One, both in your living room and on the go. Connect and control your Xbox One...Read More »
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