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Highlight update releasing for overwatch
Mercy quad rez play of the game no more!

Everyone who has ever played the famous Overwatch has had the experience of thought about how a mercy stole their play of the game or wish between the action they had recorded their best moments...

Dead Rising 4 gets a minigolf add on
Dead Rising 4? More like Dead Rising fore!

Dead Rising 4 star Frank West has covered many different things wars, zombies, and that awkward time he took credit for what Chuck did...

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto gets its offical trailer
OOOOO Prompto's got a girlfriend!

Square Enix has released a new trailer for the upcoming "Episode Prompto" DLC for Final Fantasy XV, teasing the story of the gunslinger's return to his birthplace which I haven't included as it's a major spoiler...

Friday the 13th to recieve free update
Hide your kids, hide your wives

Friday the 13th did not have the launch it was hoping for. It had a plethora of issues including various bugs, multiplayer server issues and other concerns...

Review Neighborhorde Review
Get your friends around the culvasack ready to fight the hordes from around your homes.

Publisher: Fermenter Games Developer: Fermenter Games
Players: 1-4 Genre: Couch Co-op/Shoot 'em up
Launch Date: 6/06/17 Price: $5...

Call Of Cthulhu E3 trailer Weaves it's way into our minds
Someone call Coon and Friends!

About a week and a half ago we gave you the seven game lineup for Focus Home. This list, which can be found by clicking the quadratic equationX = (-b+/-sqrt(b^2-4ac))/2a, of course included Call Of Cthulhu there wasn't must known at the time other then it was a investigative RPG...

Killer Instinct introduces new fighter, Eagle
Native American turned cyborg

Iron Galaxy ended season three and with their new game Extinction in the works many though it was an the end for the "free" fighting game...

Agents of Mayhem introduces Yeti the big man with a cold gun
That's one badass Mr.Freeze

Agent's of Mayhem creators Volition have released a new hour long look into a new character, Yeti. Yeti used to be a normal guy until L...